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Experience provides the knowledge as to what roads to take in order to reach a goal or destination.  It gives you the insight necessary to make decisions that will avoid trouble down the road.

I’ve helped businesses reach greater levels of productivity with my skills and consulting.  Sometime I’ve coached and mentored people to get them to be more productive, but one of the key elements to success has been the vision, goals, communication structure, training and accountability structures I’ve implemented to make these paradigm shifts possible. Naturally, any successful venture has multiple facets and players necessary to reach these new heights, but let me tell you about a few.

I first began my selling career in 1995 at a jewelry chain in California. I was put in the slowest store of ten to see what I can accomplish.  Within six months I was the number one diamond salesman in the company and we moved that store up the ranks! I was too young and inexperienced to want to track what my numbers were, but I know I broke records and fascinated everyone with my accomplishments. I was being offered a store to manage, but instead I went to work with my brother.

My brother had started his own business when he was 17 years old. He had grown his business to $155,000 per year and in 1996 he asked me to help him build a sales department for his company.  I structured a sales department, created a sales and marketing plan, and started selling.  As soon as I understood the industry and how to work the products and services we were offering, I built a sales team. Within 18 months we were selling over $2 million dollars per year! This growth was amazing. Then, one of my customers made me offer I could not refuse.

It was 2001 and I went to work for a welding supplies company that was stuck at $162,000 in monthly sales. The owner had tried opening new stores in new territories. He hired more sales reps and nothing worked. He was stuck. Within 9 months, I increased sales to $497,000 in monthly sales with the same crew he was doing $167,000 with. All I did was add a management structure, set some goals, train the team, and hold them accountable. There were more details such as bonuses, recognition, team building and the such, but the key was communication, both internal and external. I focused much of my efforts on customer service, goals, expectation, and training. A lot of training!

There are many more experiences within these ventures and many more clients I’ve serviced since and in between these projects that I bring to the table. However, the element I am hoping to communicate here, and the message I am delivering is that during these amazing accomplishments or success, if you will, I’ve experienced many setbacks, challenges and failures.  I use these to push all projects to higher levels of success by fulfilling the objective faster and mostly with greater success.

Whether it’s executive, management, or operational consulting, I have the background to get the job done.  I look forward to answering your questions and working on any projects you need to get done faster.

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